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About Monterey Internet

Frank Montero, CEO of Monterey Internet, has been designing online marketing campaigns since 1996. He has marketed global companies in days past when the primary user-funded venues for online advertising were banner ads on Alta Vista and Hot Bot. He's worked with customers, navigating the Internet growth and changes associated with online marketing campaigns to ensure optimal returns on every investment. Throughout the years Frank has continued to be at the cutting edge of research and development in the field of optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) and demographic search patterns developing his proprietary Predictive Search Pattern Logic (PSPL).

Website Marketing

At the beginning, almost anyone could build a site that would place relatively well. There were few competitors and getting placed well at a national level was not that difficult. After that, web pages were focused on a few keywords or search phrases that people were likely to type into a search engine. In those days, web developers spent a large amount of time and effort into planning the content to ensure that there were plenty of repetitive key words on the site. This became known as "black hat" SEO and is now widely considered "spam" and search engines today punish such manipulative behavior.

In the most recent years, best practices have demanded that the website owner provide a "positive user experience". Such sites are rewarded by favorable indexing on the search engines. This includes simple user-friendly site architecture, all graphics with "alt tags", "site maps" and most important of all "relevant, informative original content".

During 2012 and beyond, the focus is on advertising campaigns that attract customers on their Mobile devices. To be successful today, your online marketing team must be experts in mobile search, display and rich media. Frank Montero is a Certified Google Partner with specialization in display advertising on both desktop and mobile devices.

Immediate Future

Everything you do must be Mobile compatible. Demographic and Behavioral targeting strategies based on search habits and age/income level are becoming very widely used in the Google content network. We can implement a combination of search, placement and content distribution marketing initiatives in order to achieve branding, visibility or customer acquisition goals. Google AdWords and other paid online advertising systems are extremely effective tools for all local, regional or national businesses. All aspects of your online presence can be integrated in a way that is Mobile-Friendly.


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