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Frank Montero, CEO of Monterey Internet, can expertly formulate a complete website strategy that leverages our proprietary Predictive Search Pattern Logic (PSPL) technology along with Google AdWords and a professional website design.

What is Monterey Internet's advantage over others in the Substance Abuse and Eating Disorder Marketing Field? 

Leveraging years of web experience and forging new ground, Frank Montero uses the tools provided by Google and industry best practices when designing campaigns. This system analyzes search query behavior patterns, trends and probabilities, generating data that predicts key word strings and other search terms (e.g., probable misspellings, obscure key words phrases) to be used in effective on-line marketing campaigns that are targeted toward specific markets. He knows which words are used by people in the academic research field and which ones are used by those in need of services. Frank also uses negative keywords and other advanced targeting methods. Predictive Search Pattern Logic (PSPL) in conjunction with AdWords, Microsoft Advertising and professional website design is a proven path to helping customers find your website and engaging your business.  He creates strong brand awareness, high web visibility, and geo-targeted results. Results are measurable and accountable.

Create a local or regional search campaign
Consult with you on your Google AdWords goals and strategy.
Identify a budget so you can control your advertising expenses.
A custom campaign is designed.
Ad copy is thoroughly researched.
Professional copy for your campaigns are developed with targeted keywords.
Your website is Geo-targeted to reach customers in the geographical area that the business serves.
Your website is reviewed to insure it has a clean user-friendly design to improve the user experience.
We consult with your web developers to make sure your website is optimized for fast load times.
Your success is measurable using Google analytics.
Google maps can be added for location map support.
On going monitoring assures the budget is adhered to, and your advertising dollars are maximized.
Recommendations regarding social media such as Facebook and Google+ are introduced.


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