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New patented search technology continually monitors the query characteristics of users and records the information about how the user searches for information.

This data is stored, analyzed and evaluated, to produce a “deletion prediction probability score”. This score, provides information about the likely relevance of each search term in a multi-term search or query based on which term is deleted in subsequent searches. This is the new paradigm in search technology. It will be heavily influenced by research data mined from searchers interacting with search engines.

For example, commonly the user starts with one set of search terms, say “gum disease expert”, then deletes one or more terms in a subsequent search to get the information that they require. Using historical information collected from other similar searches the search indexing technology is able to predict that after searching for “gum disease expert”, the user searching for “gum disease expert” might delete the “expert” in the second search, therefore the search engine generates results based on both sets of search terms (“gum disease expert” and “gum disease”) for the user. While this provides more information than the user originally requested, based on historical data, the results most likely provide exactly what the user wanted.

Our PSPL technology understands the new search technology and uses these strategies to ensure that your site would be optimized for both the natural listing and the Adwords search terms. In this example, the PSPL technology ensures that the user is drawn to the landing page of their local periodontal disease specialist that has a site designed and managed by us.

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